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Reading, comprehension, focus, concentration, learning and problem solving challenges


Many parents, caregivers, and a large part of the public, regards brain, behavioral, and learning and reading challenges and disorders, as a rare occurrence which happens to an unfortunate few. However, what needs to be understood and appreciated, is that the fragility of the human development process from conception through birthing and beyond, makes us realize without judgements, that all of us have been medically challenged by a so called, disorder because of this natural process of becoming a human being. They range from easily dismissed personality quirks, and simple or even complicated, physical traits, behaviors, and learning conditions, to disorders that fall on the autism spectrum.  All are varying degrees of the results of being born a human being. They are not rare, and they do not just happen to an unfortunate few of us. Whatever the progression, delays or occurrences in birthing, suckling, sleeping, feeding, crawling, walking, falling, talking, reading, being loved, not being loved, or anything in between, they all condition the brain to inform the development of our entire physical, cognitive, sensory, emotional, and psychological being. In understanding this, we begin to understand that the immense power, ability, and elasticity of our brains makes it possible for it to correct, to varying degrees, all conditions however slight, or even if they are regarded as disorders. It only remains for us to learn what brain retraining support is needed to bring out the very best in any of us.  

You as parent or caregiver, might observe certain behaviors, physical, learning, reading or other issues that might seem either out of the ordinary, but not causing any apparent discomfort to you or your child; or they might seem more complex and causing obvious discomfort. In any Case you might wonder, what should I do. You might seek an evaluation or diagnosis. Or you might seek treatment or therapy intervention. Whatever the route you might consider taking, it is of extreme importance to be aware that while you rightly so, pursue these conventional approaches, there are drug-free, non-invasive, and scientifically proven steps and approaches that you can administer yourself, at home. These Use-at- home steps and approaches would not interfere with or obstruct any conventional treatment or therapy considered or practiced, and as a matter of fact, could only enhance the chances for successful outcomes. Such a Use-at- home approach is this Brain Retrain Learning Program, Parent / Caregivers Course.  


Having a successful outcome from a brain retraining program necessitates that the child needs to become a very good reader. Reading is one of the most misunderstood word and concept. Reading is not simply learning the words on a page or a way to pronounce and understand those words. That really is literacy. Literacy is a part. of reading. Literacy gives you the ability to read and understand the words on the page, or on things like street signs and addresses. Literacy, however, does not give you the ability to read the expressions on a person’s face, or to read if a person might be deceiving you, or to read whether you’re in a very dangerous situation or not. All these other reading abilities come from Learning. This is the learning that come to us through our senses being sharply synchronized with observations and experiences. Learning is a process we all begin at birth; it lasts throughout our lifetime, and it dictates how successful we are in our lives. Learning is a function of our brains and Literacy (or word reading), is the starting point for developing effective and successful learning abilities. These learning abilities are often delayed and underdeveloped because they are being forced to be developed in a rushed, rote learning manner with reading, writing, speech, sciences, math, and other subject, coupled with any behavioral issues, all competing to being processed by the brain almost at the same time. This is an unnatural method for effective learning by children.  

 For children of any age, whether typical intellectually or if they are challenged by such brain issues as dyslexia, autism spectrum or other learning and behavioral disorders, their outcomes for becoming the best student possible is by retraining their brain to operate in an AUTOMATIC LEARNING MODE. The development of excellent literacy or reading skills in children, is the first stage and launching pad for integrating natural non-invasive brain retraining techniques to guarantee genius level learning abilities for a lifetime of success. Any child experiencing reading and learning challenges should not be regarded as intellectually compromised, but rather should be seen as not having been exposed to a natural and effective manner of being taught. 

What Is the Dreamweaver Brain Retrain Learning Program/Caregivers Course? 

The Dreamweaver BRAIN RETRAIN LEARNING PROGRAM/CAREGIVERS COURSE is a comprehensive collection of synergistic therapeutic programs available for corrective care of Autism Spectrum and other brain, behavioral and learning disorders. It is especially designed for home use by families unable to visit with Dreamweaver House in New York. Through audio and visual entertainment, which is entertaining audio and movie based, and therefore child friendly encouragement to actively participate in the process, the program is initiated by focusing on Reading, Comprehension and Literacy skills, as the first step in an enjoyable journey towards Retraining the Brain to put itself into an Automatic Learning Mode. 

By employing the use of cutting-edged SNAA™ (Sympathetic Neuro Acoustic Audio), Somatic Brainwave Entrainment™, Action Captions™, Reading Movies™, together with sensory and movement exercises through music and spoken word entertainment, the Brain Retrain Learning Program/Caregivers Course shows how to guide the natural elasticity of the young brain towards activating unresolved learning centers of the brain and initiating the opening of new neural pathways of cognition, which ultimately synchronizes both hemispheres of the brain. This Brain Retrain Learning protocol was developed, classroom tested and proven effective for over a decade within the A.L.L (Autism Learning Laboratory) of the Dreamweaver House Foundation.  

 BRAIN RETRAIN works for learning to read well, at any age. 

In fact, current cognitive research and data categorically state that it is the only way to learn a language. 

Here’s what’s important in the natural model from the point of view of language learning: 

The brain produces sentences based on the sentences it has seen or heard (input). So the way to improve is to feed your brain with a lot of ‘input’ – correct and understandable sentences (written or spoken). Before you can start speaking and writing in any language , your brain must get enough correct sentences in that language. 

‘Output’- (speaking and writing) will come naturally after intense exposure to ‘input’. Trying to write or speak language before experiencing ‘input’ is not the way to improve language skills. In fact, it should be noted that there is the possibility of damage to the learning of English through early and careless ‘output’. 

Also, it is not necessary to force feed grammar rules. It also will come naturally after ‘input’ and during the subsequent ‘output’ stage. It is during the ‘output’ stage that you should begin learning the rules of grammar. You learned your first language without studying tenses or prepositions . You can learn any language in that way, too.   You will be surprised, but English phrases will just come to you when you are writing or speaking! Things like the past simple tense and how to use the word “since” will become part of you. You will use them automatically, without thinking. Correct phrases will just appear in your head. How? Because with ‘input’that is, “sentences that you read and listen to”, your brain will be repeating the things that it has seen and heard many times. 

By repeated viewing of a BRAIN RETRAIN, READING MOVIE in English, the viewer would have given the brain thousands of English sentences. They will have become a part of that viewer’s experience of acquiring a language in a natural way. No longer can that viewer make the mistake and say “I feeled badly”, if they have seen and heard the correct phrase (“I felt badly”) 50 times in the last READING MOVIE viewed. The Action Captions™ Technology goes far beyond helping students develop literacy skills. It provides an important visual aid that promotes listening comprehension; reinforces the process of vocabulary acquisition, accelerates the mastery of grammatical structures and morphological forms; assists proper pronunciation of a given word in context with its written form; and lends itself as a made-to-order  graphic tool for the creation of a BRAIN RETRAIN Phonics curriculum, both for teaching English ­speaking students and for teaching English as a second language. 

This Brain Retrain™ Program /Parents / Caregivers Course, if followed as directed, will give you a systematic learning tool for instruction, over a 90 day period, to naturally and in an entertaining manner, direct your child’s brain into an auto- mode to better focus, concentrate, read more, and better, and to learn whatever is being taught easier and with complete comprehension. 


It is the responsibility of the parent or other caregiver to ensure that the student uses the programs. BE THE ADULT !  INSIST ON THEIR COMPLIANCE!  Start with whatever level of attention or time span that they are capable of or willing to allow, be it one minute or five minutes, then gradually build upon that time span until reaching a minimum of thirty minutes per session. No matter what the age of the subject, the use of this protocol will begin to exhibit lasting and positive changes whatever the length of time each session. REPETITION IS THE KEY!!!!!!  

  DISCLAIMER: Nothing here presented is intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any medical condition of whatever nature, and shall not be construed as medical advice, implied or otherwise. This material is being presented as information for educational edification and use only.  The products are for research use only and are not intended for use in medical diagnosis and/or medical treatment.  Extensive data and anecdotal testimonials and observations detailing positive results has been and continue to be collected, and reviewed continually by brain researchers, clinicians and medical doctors.  However, all such data is reserved solely for energetic research and restoration analysis and have not been approved by the FDA.  Before trying the use of any therapies described or alluded to here, please consult your doctor.  Under no circumstance is the discontinuation of and medication being suggested.  Any such action should absolutely be upon the advice and supervision of your doctor.    




Every lessons utilizes a mixture of all of the brain retraining therapeutic protocols and tools explained and shown below.

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