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Understanding and Treating Childhood Autism Spectrum and other Brain, Behavioral and Learning Disorders

Most of the public and many parents and caregivers regard childhood Autism Spectrum and other brain, behavioral, and learning disorders as a rare occurrence happening to an unfortunate few. However, we need to understand and appreciate the fragility of the human development process from conception through birthing and beyond.

Doing so will make us realize without judgment that a so-called disorder has medically challenged us all. It can range from easily dismissed personality quirks and simple or even complicated physical traits, behaviors, and learning conditions, to disorders that fall on the autism spectrum.

All are varying degrees of the results of being born human. They are not rare and do not happen to an unfortunate few of us. Whatever the progression, delays, or occurrences in birthing, suckling, sleeping, feeding, crawling, walking, falling, talking, reading, being loved, not being loved, or anything in between, they all condition the brain to develop our entire physical, cognitive, sensory, emotional, and psychological being.

In understanding this, we realize that our brains’ immense power, ability, and elasticity make it possible to correct all these conditions to varying degrees, even if they are regarded as disorders. It only remains for us to learn what brain retraining support is needed to bring out the very best in us because we are all developed as unique children of an omnipresent intelligence.

Here we will provide you with cutting edged information and access to non -invasive, effective, affordable, and drug-free products that draw upon over a decade of protocols developed and proven at the Dreamweaver House not-for-profit Foundation for children and family health and healing.

Resources for Brain Retraining

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